19 Feb 2018

Switching to Hugo

I have moved my blog from an old version of Jekyll over to Hugo. The reason for the change is mostly that my Jekyll setup was very old, and the way I had implemented a couple of custom plugins meant I needed to run the server before generating the site. Also I am not using ruby as much as I use to, and Hugo is “new”, shiny and written in go.

21 Mar 2016

Adding TLS

I just added TLS to the blog, since I was renewing another certificate. The last couple of years I have deployed quite a few certificates, and this post is really just a simple link collection.

21 Mar 2016

Yoga11S brightness control on Ubuntu

After reinstalling my Yoga 11S laptop yet again I ran into the lovely problem with the brightness control. (Hint: It does not work out of the box) Luckily the internet came to the rescue, but not with all the info put together, so here goes.

14 Oct 2014

Mockito cheat sheet

I have been using Mockito for a project recently and made a cheat sheet that is meant to be easy to digest.

First things first, stop and think if you really need ot use a mocking framework.

06 Oct 2014

SimpleSAMLphp and Vanilla jsConnect

Recently I have been looking into setting up a forum that uses a federated SAML login for authentication. When you say forum these days, your choices are kind of limited to a myriad of PHP solutions. There are a lot of solutions out there, with classics such as phpBB, simple machines 2, and myBB. Then there are “newcomers” such as vanilla forums, and even discourse. Granted discourse it is more of a community tool than a forum, and it not written in PHP.

Normally I have had a tendency to roll my own forum software when I need the functionality. In this case though this would be a bit of an overkill, especially since it doesn’t need to interact with anything. Except for a SAML based login.

30 Sep 2014

Embedding simpleSAMLphp using nginx

I recently had to embed simpleSAMLphp into another application, in order to provide SAML2 federate login. Well embed might be the wrong term, perhaps mount describes it better.

As my web server of choice these days is nginx I wanted to use it rather than apache. This posed a couple of problems, so I decided to document my endeavour, mostly because I have been through this process once before and it turns out my memory is not really that good.

28 Nov 2013

CAS Proxy Tickets

This is post that by now is over a year old, but I haven’t gotten round to post it.

Back in the summer of 2012 I was looking into how we could provide proxy authentication for our CAS3 installation at work. We were looking into how we could split a traditional front-end, backend, REST service into three separate applications, and still have the backend provide data to the REST service as if it was the user that talked directly to the data source.

08 Nov 2013

Battling the asset pipeline

About half a year ago I had to update a rails 3.1 application to 3.2. With the upgrade my Sass and CoffeScript auto-compilation ended up being botched.

This prompted me to change to the asset pipeline, which in itself proved to be a bit like yak shaving, fixing one thing only to have a new bug appear.

04 Oct 2013


Yesterday my new coffee grinder arrived. It is a Bodum Bistro electric grinder that uses a conical burr grinder. For quite some time I have considered buying a coffee grinder.

It all started when I bought my Aero Press. A couple of my friends had been praising it, and when I discovered that it was as cheap as it is I was sold.

09 Jun 2013

Tracking time

In response to recent rule changes at work, and my desire to take a crack at using requirejs for something usefull, I have created a simple punch-clock javascript app that can help me track time spent.

There are a lot of apps out there to track time, and a lot of them are quite nice, but “not invented here” has not been coined in vain. Due to the relative low complexity of the problem I decided to DIY it and created punch-clock.

02 May 2013

Colors... in vim

Today at work I sat down to create a small automatic pull-deploy shell script. I fired up vim on a development server and nearly had my eyes torn out. The default theme for vim is bad, well at least I do not like the way that you cannot see comments (dark blue on a black background does not really work).

At home my .vimrc sets up my colorscheme, but I could not remember which I tend to use. I tried to seach online for some proper screenshots of the differnt themes in vim, but could not find any good comparison/gallery.

That is why I decided to make a bunch of screenshots of vim themes sporting different code snippets.

27 Feb 2013

Diving for Dahab

A mate and I are planning a trip to Dahab (Egypt) in late March.

We stumbled upon an offer from kilroy travels where you could get 7 days in Dahab, including a PADI Open Water certification for about 3700 dkk. This was a nice offer, and all we had to do was book the flight. Well at least so we thought.

After we bought the tickets from Copenhagen to Sharm El Sheikh, we recieved an offer from kilroy for diving in Sharm El Sheikh, not Dahab, and it was suddenly 4600 dkk rather than the aforementioned 3700 dkk.

01 Nov 2012

Treasures on rails

In my spare time I am the chairman of a netparty society called Nanolaug. Twice a year we organize a Netparty for about 80 people. Normally we have 2-3 combos and every now and then a fun-combo.

For a recent party I decided to host a fun-combo consisting of a digital treasure hunt.

25 Aug 2012

Netgear N300 WNR3500L v1 custom firmware

For years I have had a Netgear N300 router which has served me well, but it has been lacking several features, one of which is local DNS entries.

After a recent firmware update it had become somewhat unstable, dropping the internet connection, thus requireing a manual restart at times.

I therefore decided that I wanted to change to a custom firmware, and the choice landed on the tomato firmware. This post will try to recount the journey of upgrading my router.

08 Jul 2012

JS app frameworks

In order to brush off my JS skills a bit I want to build a small HTML5 app, for mobile and desktop use. As not to start from scratch I poked around in the toolbox for frameworks to use.

I take a 10.000 km overview of ember.js, backbone.js, and spine.js for the core app development, and try to decide which testing framework to use.

20 Apr 2012

Creating a ruby project

Setting up a new project is not necessarily something one does every day. The process always include some hoops and loops, along with spying on the previous projects one has created. Well at least thats how it is for me, at work however we keep some information on project initialization in a wiki. But as a single person a wiki feels like overkill, and it is often a lot less likely to be found by and help other people.

24 Mar 2012

Backup, backup, backup

Backup is something you always wish you had, when you have had a system failure. Sometimes you have a backup, but no way to restore it quickly. If done right backup can be a godsend, but backups are not just for system failures.

During some spring cleaning when I moved to a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) recently I ended up needing my backup as I had not gotten round to move everything. But my backup/archive turned out not to be that recent. This however gave me an excuse to play around with the SM Framework, a shell scripting abstraction devised by Wayne E. Seguin and Michal Papis.

17 Mar 2012

A theme, a dream and some bumps

So after a days work or so the theme is coming along, as mentioned before the theme is based on Twitter Bootstrap. The background image still needs some work, but my GIMP skills seems to have rusted a bit.

However I must say the responsive design extension to bootstrap is quite nice. (Why has it not been named adaptive design rather than responsive design?)

11 Mar 2012

Jekyll seems usable

It would seem like the jekyll parsing engine might be a nice way to publish blog posts… By using jekyll and maybe github things will be easier than ever.

The current state of available designs is a bit underwhelming but that is somewhat to be expected. I think I will be expanding the default twitter bootstrap theme, since it is the best starting point for me, might make sense to use html5 boilerplate instead only time will tell.

But all in all I think I am going to enjoy using jekyll.