It would seem like the jekyll parsing engine might be a nice way to publish blog posts… By using jekyll and maybe github things will be easier than ever.

The current state of available designs is a bit underwhelming but that is somewhat to be expected. I think I will be expanding the default twitter bootstrap theme, since it is the best starting point for me, might make sense to use html5 boilerplate instead only time will tell.

But all in all I think I am going to enjoy using jekyll.

Why use Jekyll?

The main reason for using jekyll for this blog is quite simply the joy of new technology, the exact same reason why I started the blog. I enjoy new technology, and I love to learn new things, so having dabbled with rails for some time I thought I wanted to revive my CasaDelKrogh blog.

Last time (2008ish) it sort of died in setting up the blog, at the time I was trying to use Drupal, then Wordpress. Both worked fine, but I am not really into maintaining yet another piece of software, and at the time I had allready started to turn my back on php.

The idea behind Jekyll is appealing, no actual dynamic content on the actual server, just a bunch of pre-compiled html files. A blog does, in my opinion, not need to be dynamic, this is why people use hosted solutions such as Wordpress, blogger or Tumblr. It is all about making it easier for you as a blogger to write content, and for that I believe Jekyll will be quite sufficient for me.