Yesterday my new coffee grinder arrived. It is a Bodum Bistro electric grinder that uses a conical burr grinder. For quite some time I have considered buying a coffee grinder.

It all started when I bought my Aero Press. A couple of my friends had been praising it, and when I discovered that it was as cheap as it is I was sold.

That was what got me started on my coffee adventure. Because I do not drink coffee by the bucket I started buying different brands of luxury coffee. It was nice and all was dandy, as time went by I began to think about grinding the coffee myself to keep it fresh.

A couple of half hearted searches on amazon and a trip to city center yielded nothing really interesting. Then one night I was over at a friends apartment and he offered me a cup of freshly ground coffee; who would not want that?

He mentioned that Imerco had an offer up for package with a coffee grinder and a French press. Their web shop did not have it in stock, but mentioned that some stores might still have some left. That prompted me to visit the two local shops with no luck what so ever.

A week later I fortunately managed to order the set from the web shop. Because it was still out of stock it took over a fortnight for them to fulfill the order. But after a quick email exchange they polled around some of their shops and found a set for me \o/.

As an added bonus to this waiting game, the French press was dead on arrival as the glass was cracked.

But here I am writing a quick post whilst drinking a cup of coffee made on my aero press from my freshly ground coffee. Mmmmm.

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