A mate and I are planning a trip to Dahab (Egypt) in late March.

We stumbled upon an offer from kilroy travels where you could get 7 days in Dahab, including a PADI Open Water certification for about 3700 dkk. This was a nice offer, and all we had to do was book the flight. Well at least so we thought.

After we bought the tickets from Copenhagen to Sharm El Sheikh, we recieved an offer from kilroy for diving in Sharm El Sheikh, not Dahab, and it was suddenly 4600 dkk rather than the aforementioned 3700 dkk.

When we recieved this “offer” we were a bit perplexed. When we looked at kilroy.dk the offer on Diving in Dahab was gone. This made us a bit uneasy and we wrote to the travelagent that had sent us the offer. It turned out that the Dive center in Dahab with wich they had an agreement was undergoing rennovations, and the travel agent then had assumed that we then rather would like to dive in Sharm El Sheikh.

This was not what we had anticipated.. We had already booked the flight ourselves, and planned the time off for the holiday, so we decided to take a look at booking diving and hotel in Dahab ourselves.

We looked at different hotels in Dahab using tripadvisor and booking.com. And quickly boiled it down to three hotels: the Star of Dahab, the Dahab Divers, and as backup the Mirage village. All were available, and it was even possible to get two single rooms (I snore quite a lot).

We ended up choosing Star of Dahab, as it seemed nice and cozy, and near most of the dive centers. Or at least we reserved two rooms there, but they might be subject to change (dahab divers looks so nice).

In order to cover the diving we wrote to three diving centers: Big Blue Dahab, H2O divers and Poseidon Divers. Again these dive centers were chosen based on reviews on tripadvisor and comments on booking.com.

All of the three dive centers replied within 12 hours which was awesome! All were super nice, and all actually answered our enquries, and added additional information. Currently we have not decided on which dive center we are going to use. But I am leaning towards Big Blue Dahab or H2O.

As of now it seems like we are approaching 3600 dkk for staying at Dahab. However this is with seperate bedrooms and two extra days included in the price. Thats pretty good for using a couple of afternoons, in short if you do not buy a packaged trip, you should probably check out if it makes sense to book it all yourself.

I will probably be posting a couple of posts soon on what we end up choosing, and how the trip goes.