27 Feb 2013

Diving for Dahab

A mate and I are planning a trip to Dahab (Egypt) in late March.

We stumbled upon an offer from kilroy travels where you could get 7 days in Dahab, including a PADI Open Water certification for about 3700 dkk. This was a nice offer, and all we had to do was book the flight. Well at least so we thought.

After we bought the tickets from Copenhagen to Sharm El Sheikh, we recieved an offer from kilroy for diving in Sharm El Sheikh, not Dahab, and it was suddenly 4600 dkk rather than the aforementioned 3700 dkk.

01 Nov 2012

Treasures on rails

In my spare time I am the chairman of a netparty society called Nanolaug. Twice a year we organize a Netparty for about 80 people. Normally we have 2-3 combos and every now and then a fun-combo.

For a recent party I decided to host a fun-combo consisting of a digital treasure hunt.