28 Nov 2013

CAS Proxy Tickets

This is post that by now is over a year old, but I haven’t gotten round to post it.

Back in the summer of 2012 I was looking into how we could provide proxy authentication for our CAS3 installation at work. We were looking into how we could split a traditional front-end, backend, REST service into three separate applications, and still have the backend provide data to the REST service as if it was the user that talked directly to the data source.

09 Jun 2013

Tracking time

In response to recent rule changes at work, and my desire to take a crack at using requirejs for something usefull, I have created a simple punch-clock javascript app that can help me track time spent.

There are a lot of apps out there to track time, and a lot of them are quite nice, but “not invented here” has not been coined in vain. Due to the relative low complexity of the problem I decided to DIY it and created punch-clock.

02 May 2013

Colors... in vim

Today at work I sat down to create a small automatic pull-deploy shell script. I fired up vim on a development server and nearly had my eyes torn out. The default theme for vim is bad, well at least I do not like the way that you cannot see comments (dark blue on a black background does not really work).

At home my .vimrc sets up my colorscheme, but I could not remember which I tend to use. I tried to seach online for some proper screenshots of the differnt themes in vim, but could not find any good comparison/gallery.

That is why I decided to make a bunch of screenshots of vim themes sporting different code snippets.